brother's hat

taken with Leica.III ~ Jupiter.12


Anonymous said...

You have a talent for capturing the world in a way that most people will never see it. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tones in this shot! What film was this shot on?

Thank for stopping by, btw! =]


g.o.k. said...

Please excuse my late reply... blog glitch. Thanks for stopping in and checking on the ol' ghosts. Yeah, I really liked this shot too. It's my current PC desktop graphic. The film used was Kodak Pro 400UC, changed to b&w with photo editer (Picasa). The 400UC has become my favorite film. The colors don't seem to be soooo bright, more realistic, and for shots like this that I b&w, the tones work out pretty nice for me. I'm rambling... :/ thanks!