Christmas with a Minolta Hi-matic 7s

Right at the end of the summer, I found this slick little Minolta Hi-matic 7s in a yard sale for a few bucks. It’s kind of been stuck in a drawer since purchased, so I decided it was time to drag it out and see if it actually works. It turned out to be a smooth shooting little camera and a lot fun to use. Here's some of the shots.

So we start off spending some of Christmas Eve by finishing up some last minute shopping then pop into a fast food dive for a quick lunch and a big story.

Two things I enjoy. Listening to my wife spin a big yarn and taking pictures. Sometimes I do both at once. I'm not sure that she always appreciates that though. ;{

Then it’s off to Wally’s for some snacks and then zip through Blockbuster to pick out a few movies before settling in for the Eve at home.

This kind lady gives up her Christmas Eve (and probably Christmas Day too) so schmucks like me can lazy in and rent movies from her. She was even in a good mood… go figure!

The next day, we spent Christmas morning at church… a really special service. Then we headed over to some of our friends’ house for Christmas Lunch. We also got to open some presents (thanks guys!), but the most fun was watching their grandson rip into his. All eyes are on the little guy.

The Great-grands look on from the nickel bleachers.

Mom waits with great anticipation for “the shot.”

Mom gets the shot! … and another! … and another!

Okay, finally, hey, there’s just too many presents, too many toys… and mom’s tired of shooting.

Dad’s wearin’ down too. "Are you sure we haven’t played with that already?" Time for a break, don't ya think?

”C’mon, dad! Some of my toys are getting bored!”

”Hey! I’m startin’ to feel a little neglected back here!”

”Hey kid… pssst! Over here! If you’re smart, you’ll stay out of the way and keep your trap shut. Otherwise, me and you both will end up on the back porch!”


Jocko said...

That was lovely! Thank you for sharing your christmas!

g.o.k. said...

Hey Jocko, thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. Have a good New Year!